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The aircon condensor on the passenger side of your L400 Delica is currently protected by "not exactly robust" plastic bits.

Personally I don't think thats going to stop a stick poking through the rather delicate radiator condenser (and I must have come close, some of the plastic fins are broken on mine!).

UPDATE 7/8/2013

Quite a while ago I ran out of the recycled material I was using to make AC shields.
Now, because there isn’t a huge demand for these items, I’ve posted up on Delicaclub for people to put their names down for them.
Once I have 20 names I will get a batch made up.
They’ll be sold on a first come first served basis once they’re available.

They’ll now be made from 1mm stainless steel perforated mesh, lasercut to shape.
They’re stronger, have more airflow, and will last longer than my original ones.

Please email me at delicastuff@t0me.com (that’s t-zero-me) and post on the thread at http://www.delicaclub.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=35102 to register your interest.

They will be $50 each and postage around Australia is $13 via post bag.