Custom Binnacle
The binnacle is the instrument cluster on top of the dash. Non-standard is the centre which has a reversing sensor display.

Kenwood Stereo with auxillary input from the CarPC.

A PIII650 with DVD. Runs Moving map software (for offroading) as well as turn by turn navigation (stick an address in, and it tells you how to get there) software. There's about 45Gb space for movies and music on the machine. Its got a custom powered USB hub with external input (so you can easily hook in your wifi adapter, digital camera - or webcam for instance)

Custom Front Console
Home to the CarPC, the 38CH UHF

Features it came with
Some of the standard features seen in this picture that this model came with are, Touchscreen controls for both the front and rear airconditioners. Clock, Voltmeter, Inclinometer, twin cup holders.

Updates since the photo was taken
The photo's a little old now, the Spotties switch has moved and in its place is the LPG tank gauge. There's a second 7" touchscreen for the CarPC, and the phone cradle's been removed.
There's a storage net under the glovebox.
There's a switch for the KIT lights.