My good mate GT and I took off to a quiet spot just north of Perth. Well to be honest, most spots are quiet during the week. Just some "Boy Time" away from our respective missus's. The objective being to chuck a line in, then talk bollocks while drinking into the wee hours of the morning. See that picture? Thats what I love about Australia and Perth in general. Thats about an hour drive north of Perth. We didn't see anyone else on the tracks, we virtually had the place to ourselves. Just us and every now and then the drone of a big diesel cray boat going past. A little pocket of paradise to ourselves just a short drive from suburbia.

The fishing? Well, not bad. I pulled in about a dozen herring, some of them very fat and good sized. We were fishing in a pocket between bits of reef to try and avoid the weed (offshore breeze - SE) so we weren't likely to see any tailor there. GT pulled in just 2, one of which did a Steve McQueen in front of him. He reckons its his new rod, it just doesn't understand him. They were biting on any bait we chucked at them (as herring do) but wouldn't touch our lures. It was pretty hard going with the weed and we both lost a couple of rigs each. We caught enough for a feed or 2 and then retreated up off the beach to camp as I don't have a current tide table and its only a short beach where we were.

There was a bit of wind, but not too much. A reasonably gentle test of the new awning setup (now in its 3rd incarnation) and it worked perfectly.

This is what the Frankendeli's been built for. Getting to that secluded fishing spot with all your gear. Then having somewhere comfy to sleep. Its the transport, the lounge, the kitchen and the bedroom all rolled into one :-)